KOREA TOUR CARDMust-Have Item for Korea Travel

Korean public transportation system has a reputation for its convenience, reasonable price and neatness.
As transportation and travel card exclusively for foreign visitors, KOREA TOUR CARD enables more convenient access
to the means of the Korean transportation such as subways, buses, and taxies.
A must-have item for travel, offering discounts for various travel content such as shopping, food and beverages, performances, and so on. So don't miss out!

KOREA TOUR CARD costs KRW 4,000 and holders of the card are eligible for the benefits provided by its affiliates.
To pay public transport fares using the card, you should top-up it at a convenience store or a subway station.

Up to KRW 500,000 can be loaded, and only Korean Won is accepted.
For a refund, visit any major convenience store branch nationwide, Tmoney service center at a subway station(Station office) or Tmoney Town.


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KOREA TOUR CARD affiliation inquiries
E-mail : koreatourcard@vkc.or.kr
Tel : +82-(0)2-6272-7300


KOREA TOUR CARD Top-up & Refund


- Inquiry: Korea Travel Hotline 1330