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Alive Museum Insa-dong Branch ‘Alive Museum Insa-dong Branch’ - where your sweet imaginary dreams become reality

  • KOREA TOUR CARD(basic)
  • Performance & Exhibition
  • Seoul Jongno-gu

Various exhibits are held in Korea. I headed towards Insa-dong as my Korean friends recommended Insa-dong if I wanted to enjoy especially the traditional culture and style of Korea. I was looking for an experience to enjoy when I discovered the ‘Alive Museum Insa-dong Branch’ theme park, which is perfect for me as I usually enjoy taking photos! I decided to visit as it was easy to access with public transit, and I really liked the fact that I not only got to look at the artwork but became a part of it as the main character. 


#Entering the world of childhood with Korea Tour Card!



I arrived at Jongno 3-ga station by subway using the Korea Tour Card, something that I use every time I travel. ‘Alive Museum’ took only 10 minutes by foot from the station, and although it was located underground it was still easy to find. My anticipation about the exhibition grew as a dinosaur sculpture greeted me on my way down the stairs towards the entrance! Isn’t it huge?



There was a promotion item on the information desk of the ticket booth which let me know that it was affiliated with the Korea Tour Card. I purchased the admission ticket with a 2,000 won discount after showing my Korea Tour Card with confidence. It will be nice to take advantage of the 4,000 won discount with the integrated admission when using the Dynamic Maze located right beside! Like Dynamic Maze, one can receive a 20% discount benefit if they bring their Korea Tour Card to the ‘Alive Museum’ located at the Jeju Jungmun branch as well. 



After purchasing my ticket and entering the entrance, a huge soldier was waiting to take me into the storybook world. If you find it awkward to take photos, it is helpful to refer to the recommended poses on the guidelines on the wall. I tried to take a photo dancing with the toy soldier, how do I look? Doesn’t it seem like a scene from the Nutcracker? Now, I tried the upside-down kiss scene from the world famous movie ‘Spider-Man’. It felt as if I became the female lead from the Spiderman movie! 


#If you want to leave a Unique Photo then, attention!


My curiosity about the next theme only grew every time I moved exhibit halls and was faced with new themes. There was trick art that used illusions, large objects and digital media with a photo zone that was installed using various techniques. Although it may seem like a simple image, I didn’t even realize time passed by and felt as if I had entered my imagination, so I couldn't stop pressing the shutter. 



I had wanted to go view the autumn leaves to celebrate the coming of fall and happened to find a background that had maple trees and railroads as its motif. As I walked along the railway, absorbing the beauty of the red leaves, oh my! Suddenly I found myself in space. I took a photo pretending to swim freely in space. I can’t wait to show my friends the photos I took!



I became a giant in the world of Alice in Wonderland, a story that I had enjoyed as a child, and imagined going to the ball by riding a pumpkin carriage as I became Cinderella. I felt like I had become Elsa from Frozen in the sparkling snowfield theme room! 



I want to introduce you to some amusing photos out of the many great photos I took. I became tteokboki, one of my favorite Korean foods and was nearly eaten by a giant. Aren’t I small and cute? Another shot with Korean traditional patterns as the backdrop. I could never miss out on taking photos of each country’s culture like these!



The photos that I liked the most are two photos that reminded me of Peter Pan, the cartoon I liked the most as a child! What do you think of my appearance, do I look like Peter Pan’s friend Tinker Bell? It seems as if Captain Hook’s large crocodile will eat me in one gulp anytime soon! 



At Lego Zone, the last course, I created the KTC logo, the acronym for Korea Tour Card, whom I thankful for helping me create such good memories. Korea Tour Card, thank you for coming with me today!



Why don’t you try leaving photos by becoming main characters of your own in various themes at the Alive Museum Insa-dong Branch, the place where imagination becomes reality? You will be able to have a special experience. 

Of course, the enjoyment becomes larger with Korea Tour Card, so don’t miss out on taking advantage of over 200 various benefits and the convenient public transit function!


Alive Museum Insa-dong Branch 홈페이지

  • KOREA TOUR CARD Benefits - KRW 2,000 discount on admission fee
    - Alive Museum + Dynamic Maze : KRW 4,000 discount on integrated admission fee
  • Fare
    (benefit price)

    - Discount Price : Admission Ticket 12,000 won → 10,000 won/ Integrated Admission Ticket 20,000 won → 16,000 won

  • Address B1F, 12, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Inquiry +82 2-2034-0600
  • 이용시간 10:00-18:00 (Last Admission 17:00)
  • Closed days

    - All Year Around

  • Transportation

    - Line 5 (Exit 5 Jong no 3-ga Station)

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      - Alive Museum + Dynamic Maze : KRW 4,000 discount on integrated admission ticket

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