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National Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art Seoul branch Sightseeing Seoul through Contemporary Art, the ‘National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Branch’

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  • Seoul Jongno-gu

Many say that art is about connection, yes? As someone who is studying contemporary dance in Korea, I get inspiration by looking at contemporary art pieces whenever I need new ideas for choreography. 

If you want to experience and look closely at contemporary art, I recommend the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Branch! Not only can you appreciate artworks of famous artists, but it is easy to visit as it is located at the center of downtown Seoul and near a subway station. 



Ta dah! This is the Korea Tour Card that should never be left out when travelling Korea. It is a must-have whenever I go out as you can access all methods of transportation including the bus, taxi, subway, the airport railroad, and train.



#Korea Tour Card is useful in all parts of your daily life!



I took the subway with my Korea Tour Card and got off at Anguk Station (Line 3) where the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Branch is located. Enjoying the cool weather whilst walking, I quickly arrived at the garden of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Branch where I found myself surrounded by the beauty of red maple leaves along with the unique Korean mood. 



You can buy your admission ticket when entering the front gates of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Branch. I received a 50% discount on my ticket once I showed them my Korea Tour Card. It made me feel good that I am able to take advantage of benefits in various fields including exhibits, performances and experiences through the foreigner privilege that the Korea Tour Card provides. 



I was able to see exhibits of various forms as the size of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Branch was quite large. New exhibits always await here, and I found myself looking forward to what exhibit I will be seeing next as it was filled with charming and fun projects of artists not only from Korea but also from all over the world.



Before going to view the artwork, by looking at the map with an entire picture of the museum, I started to come up with the order of the works in which I will appreciate. Having the instructions written in English beside it made it easier to understand. 

I like to appreciate the artwork by listening to the explanation while viewing them for better understanding. Thankfully, there were renting out audio guides in both Korean and English which helped in understanding the artwork. 


#Appreciating the Current State of Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art!


Want to take a look at the exhibition hall with me? The harmony of objects, photos and the media art utilizing videos were beautiful, and through the audio guide I got to think a lot about the profound content of severance, and isolation that the artwork intended to portray. 


Once I went around the entire museum from the first floor of the basement to the second floor, two hours had already passed! I came up with different ideas thanks to the eye-pleasing artworks. I am already looking forward to what kinds of artworks will await me when I visit again. 



There was an area where I could write “My Museum Manners” once I completed my viewing. I looked at the manner tips of others and shared my own tips. The tip was ‘Enjoying the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art with the Korea Tour Card!’ I hope that my tip will be kept for a long time and be of help to other foreign friends who visit the museum. 



At this point, I will share other tips for visitors to you! This time it’s about the various amenities within the museum. There are various amenities ranging from a café, the Korean Restaurant Doorae to the souvenir shop where people can take a short break while viewing the exhibitions or purchasing souvenirs for their friends. 


Another tip is that the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Branch is located right beside Gyeongbokgung Palace! How about taking a walk around Gyeongbokgung after viewing the museum? The equally stylish aesthetic of Gyeongbokgung will make the enjoyment of going to the museum twice as fun. An experience where you appreciate the passage of time from the past to the present as if using a time machine, doesn’t it sound fun?

Now, why don’t you start your journey to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art with the Korea Tour Card today?


National Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art Seoul branch 홈페이지

  • KOREA TOUR CARD Benefits - 50% discount on the integrated admission fee
  • Fare
    (benefit price)

    - Discount Price: 4,000 won → 2,000 won

  • Address 165-10 Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Inquiry +82 2-3701-9500
  • 이용시간 Mon,Tue,Thu, Fri,sun : 10:00-18:00/wed,sat : 10:00~21:00
  • Closed days

    - Closed Every Monday, January 1st, Korean New Year’s, Chuseok

  • Transportation

    - Line 3 (Exit 1 Anguk Station), Line 5 (Exit 2 Gwanghwamun Station)

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