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Lotte World Tower_Lotte World Aquarium ‘Lotte World Aquarium’ An Adventure Enjoyed Deep in the Ocean within the City

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Do you know what the tallest building is in Korea? The building probably caught your eye even from afar while roaming Seoul, and it is none other than the Lotte World Tower! It is the 5th tallest building in the world and is a popular cultural complex where people can enjoy shopping, tourism and hospitality all at once. 


Today we visited a place within Lotte World Tower where one can have a different travelling experience. It was the Lotte World Aquarium located on basement level 1. A place where tourists endlessly visit to experience the joy of unspoken connection with various sea animals, it felt as if the vast ocean had been compacted into this small area. A trip to the ocean in the middle of the city, would you like to come along?



 Korea Tour Card, the Best Way to spend time in the Aquarium to the Lotte World Tower!


I got off Jamsil Station after using Lines 2 and 8 of the subway with my Korea travel mate, Korea Tour Card. The Lotte World Mall was connected directly with the station. You find the entrance to the aquarium if you follow the signs. I was able to enter with a ‘10% Discount off Lotte World Adventure + Aquarium Package’ when I showed my Korea Tour Card at the ticket booth. 

That wasn’t all! You can use the Korea Tour Card in various places within Lotte World Tower including Lotte World, Lotte Museum, and Seoul Sky (Observatory)! If you want to enjoy this place properly, make sure to visit with Korea Tour Card.   



Welcome! The Nature Zone greets you first once you enter the entrance. As if the tropics were copied and pasted directly, a marine ecosystem that was spread open with fully bloomed water plants helped my mind relax. After I looked around the the ‘Life Zone’ filled with colorful fish, and the ‘River of the Tropical Rain Forest’ which housed the world’s biggest freshwater fish pirahaluke, and a water tank of the cannibal fish piranha, I headed towards the ‘Sea Lion Zone’. 



What do you think this round and cute living organism is? It is a sea lion! The sea lion acted cute by swimming in circles as if it were greeting me. I wanted to swim myself as I watched the sea lion swim freely.  



Next, I will introduce ‘The Ocean’ the main sight of the aquarium. The group dance of the school of fish created a spectacle and the large stingray was especially interesting. Doesn’t it seem as if it is smiling at me? Hi! I also greeted it in return. 



There was plenty of beautiful coral reefs that are now hard to find in the ocean due to climate change at the ‘Coral Reef Garden’. Beside it, it was a different experience as I was able to touch marine organisms such as starfish in the ‘Play Ocean’. 


Easing my mind within the world of the blue water floor


The space that I like the most at the aquarium was the ‘Ocean Tunnel’, where all four sides were a water tank, and the ‘Sea Turtle Zone’. I walked through the ocean tunnel as if I became a fish myself, and interacted with the stingrays, belugas, and other cool looking fish. In the ‘Sea Turtle Zone’ I saw the sea turtle, a world endangered species, slowly swimming around which made me happy as it reminded me of the small turtle I take care of at home! 



Lastly was the ‘Polar Region Zone’ which was filled with adorable penguins! Play with the curious penguins between the glass. You can’t help but smile when seeing the cute little penguins waddling. Being able to see penguins that you can only see in the South Pole. Isn’t it amazing?


There is a souvenir shop once you exit, with all the sea animals that I saw as its motif. I took a photo with two cute penguins that grabbed my attention! Don’t we look like a penguin family?




Lotte World Tower_Lotte World Aquarium was nice to look around because it recreated the 13 themes of natural ecology of the world’s 5 oceans. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet 55,000 different species of marine life found in the world’s 5 oceans! Of course, do not forget the fun and various benefits provided by the Korea Tour Card as well! 

Lotte World Tower_Lotte World Aquarium 홈페이지

  • KOREA TOUR CARD Benefits - 20% discount on Lotte World Adventure + Aquarium Package
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    - Adult 87,000 won → 78,300 won / Children 73,000 won → 65,700 won

  • Address 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul Aquarium, B1, Lotte World Mall
  • Inquiry +82 1661-2000
  • 이용시간 Mon-Thu 10:00-20:00, Fri-Sun 10:00-22:00
  • Closed days

    - All Year Around/Operation Hours may change (Check the website)

  • Transportation

    - Line 2 (Exit 1,2 Jamsil Station)

    - Line 8 (Exit 11, Jamsil Station)

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