KOREA TOUR CARD Namhaean Coast Benefits

- KOREA TOUR CARD Namhaean Coast holders are eligible for basic KOREA TOUR CARD benefits, including special benefits offered by special affiliated stores of KOREA TOUR CARD Namhaean Coast .
- Basic KOREA TOUR CARD (including mobile KOREA TOUR CARD) holders are not eligible for the benefits offered by the affiliated stores below.

Find out benefits from 8 brands. (Data by December 2023)

  • KRW 2,000 discount on admission
  • Entrance fee: 25% off
  • KRW 500 discount on admission fee
  • 50% discount on admission ticket
  • 50% discount at Tongyeong Adventure Tower when using the Tongyeong Cable Car round trip (regular price: 19,000 won → discount price: 9,500 won)