Foreigners enjoy public transportation and tourism benefits with KOREA…


Foreigners enjoy public transportation and tourism benefits with KOREA TOUR CARD


- All-in-one card for public transportation, tourist discounts, and purchases at convenience stores
- High sales in non-metropolitan areas such as Gangwon and Jeju


The KOREA TOUR CARD, launched by the Visit Korea Committee (chaired by Park Sam-koo) last January, has been sold to more than 10,000 foreign tourists in just two months of its release.

According to statistics of various sales channels (airline carriers, convenience stores, and AREX), more than 85% of card purchases were made at convenience stores in Incheon International Airport and at the AREX Travel Center. Among convenience stores nationwide, about 26% of purchases were in provinces such as Jeju and Gangwon, indicating that the card is being widely used by tourists visiting non-metropolitan areas.

Beginning April, with the cooperation of Korea Smart Card, foreign tourists in Seoul will be able to purchase the card at vending machines along Seoul Metro Lines 1 to 4 and AREX. The card will soon be available through travel agencies and websites. In addition, individual tourists will be given travel recommendations and receive more benefits based on a regional analysis of card purchases.

“The KOREA TOUR CARD has enjoyed a very positive response, and is quickly expanding to areas outside of Seoul,” said Han Kyung-ah, the secretary-general of the Visit Korea Committee. “Given that more and more free independent travelers are coming in, we will add various benefits for tours in local provinces so that foreign tourists can conveniently visit every corner of Korea using the KOREA TOUR CARD.”

The KOREA TOUR CARD is a public transportation card for foreign tourists that accompanies discounts and benefits on travel, shopping, and Korean Wave performances offered from a total of 25 companies. Integrated with the T-money function, the card can be used on public transportation in Seoul as well as non-metropolitan areas. With a one-time purchase during the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year campaign, the benefits will last until 2018. Card holders can receive a refund for the remaining balance from convenience stores nationwide before departure.

For inquiries, please contact Park Hye-jeong, Service Marketing Team ( / +82-2-6272-7318) 


Figure 1 Korea Tour Card_Using the bus and other public transportation<Figure 1 KOREA TOUR CARD_Using the bus and other public transportation>


Figure 2 Experience of the Korea Tour Card_Discounts at museums and shops<Figure 2 Experience of the KOREA TOUR CARD_Discounts at museums and shops>


Figure 3 Poster of the Korea Tour Card<Figure 3 Poster of the KOREA TOUR CARD>

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