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'Taewondowon', a space dreamed of by Taekwondo practitioners around the world
'Taewondowon' is the proud cultural heritage that drives the physical and mental growth of people around the world. This is a space that will become the center of the Taekwondo world, sublimating the spirit and values of Taekwondo into universal values for people the world over.
It is also a base for local tourism, offering a variety of experiences and a healing space surrounded by pristine nature.


  • - 50% discount on admission to Taekwondowon
  • - 50% discount on monorail
  • - 30% discount on experience center Yap!
  • - 30% discount on Play One (experience facility)

Conditions of use & considerations

Applications of Benefits

- A place of discount : Taewondowon ticket office, experience center information desk, Play One (experience facility) information desk



  • - This benefit is only available for people with the KOREA TOUR CARD, it can't be used for anyone else.
  • - If you need to reserve in advance by phone or email , please indicate that you are a KOREA TOUR CARD holder and present the card at the site.
  • - Variations are possible if free gifts are run out earlier.
  • - Applicable to only 1 person(Foreigner) who holds the card

Store Information

  • Taewondowon
  • 1482 Museol-ro, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • +82-63-320-0123
  • Check the business hours and holidays (closed) on the Taewondowon website
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