KOREA TOUR CARD Namhaean Coast Benefits

- KOREA TOUR CARD Namhaean Coast holders are eligible for basic KOREA TOUR CARD benefits, including special benefits offered by special affiliated stores of KOREA TOUR CARD Namhaean Coast .
- Basic KOREA TOUR CARD (including mobile KOREA TOUR CARD) holders are not eligible for the benefits offered by the affiliated stores below.

Find out benefits from 29 brands. (Data by September2023)

  • KRW 6,000 discount on Oedo and Haegeumgang Islets cruise fare *Admission to Oedo is excluded
  • 10 % discount on all items; 10 % discount on fee for candle-making activity
  • 30% discount on admission fee
  • Entrance fee: 25% off
  • KRW 500 discount on admission fee